If you are interested in earning academic (Psych 499) credit for working in a lab, follow these steps:

  1. Photo of 499 boardLocate a project. Check opportunities listed here or in the hallway outside of the Psychology Advising Office (119 Guthrie Hall), or check a faculty list to find someone whose interests match yours.
  2. Contact the researcher(s) you've identified. Discuss the project and the work you would be doing, and decide how many credits you would like to receive (3 credits = 9 hours/week, 2 credits = 6 hours/week, 1 credit = 3 hours/week).
  3. Get a registration permission card from the Main Office (Guthrie 119) and have the faculty person sign the card and give you a copy of the syllabus.
  4. Take the signed card and project syllabus to the Main Office (Guthrie 119) and exchange it for your entry code.
  5. Register for your 499, for the proper amount of credits.

Current Research Opportunities

Interested in working with a faculty member or graduate student on a research project? The following projects are recruiting undergraduates to help out in their labs.

If you are a Psychology graduate student, staff or faculty member and you would like to update your Psych 499 posting or add a new Psych 499 opportunity, please contact Vicky Hansen in Psychology Undergraduate Advising at 206-543-2698 or at hansenv@u.washington.edu.


Alcohol use and Social Norms (The SNAP Project) Adult Clinical
Alcohol-Use Trajectories: Linking America and Sweden (ATLAS) Adult Clinical
AMPs Project Adult Clinical
Capturing Processes of Change in PTSD Treatment Adult Clinical
Clinical Assessment and Outcomes in Adult and Adolescent DBT Adult Clinical
Clinical Assessment and Outcomes in Adult and Child Anxiety Disorders Adult Clinical
Clinical Outcome Studies with Suicidal Military Service Members Adult Clinical
Determining Alcohol use & Risk Taking (DART) Adult Clinical
Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Treatments Adult Clinical
Emotion and Relationships Underlying HIV/HCV Risk among Incarcerated Women Adult Clinical
EPIC (Evaluating Personalized Information and Choices) Adult Clinical
Extended Family Study of Autism Adult Clinical
Fear/Safety Learning and Treatment Outcome in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Adult Clinical
Filipino American Health Study (The Living Fil-Am Project) Adult Clinical
Harm Reduction Research Team (HaRRT) - working with homeless individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds to reduce substance-related harm and improve quality of life Adult Clinical
Programs of Excellence in Scientifically Validated Behavioral Treatment Adult Clinical
Project Chance Adult Clinical
Project FRESH (Female Relationship Experiences and Sexual Health) Adult Clinical
Project KNOW: Reducing Sexual Assault Risk and Alcohol Use in College Women Adult Clinical
Project WHUP: Women’s Health Update Adult Clinical
Recruiting Emerging Adults for Alcohol Use Screening and Brief Interventions Via Social Networking Sites (REACH) Adult Clinical
Retraining Associations about Drinking (RAD) and Implicit Cognition about Drinking (ICAD) Adult Clinical
Risk Factors for Fear Overgeneralization Adult Clinical
Stress and Coping in College Life Adult Clinical
Studies on Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicide Adult Clinical
The Parent-Child D.Y.A.D.S. Project (Determining Youths' Ability to Detect Safety) Adult Clinical
The Stress and Alcohol Study for Asian Americans Adult Clinical
What Women Want: A study of substance use, impulsivity, and cardiac vagal control in women Adult Clinical
Young Men’s Self-regulation Intervention Adult Clinical
Analyzing Call Types in Developing Bats Animal Behavior
Analyzing Call Types in Developing Bats Animal Behavior
Environmental Enrichment of Laboratory Monkeys Animal Behavior
Adolescent Neuroimaging Analysis Project Child Clinical
Asian Student Health Project Child Clinical
Bright Start Child Clinical
Childhood Cancer and Family Adjustment Child Clinical
Creating Connections ACF Grant Child Clinical
Early development of later-born siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) Child Clinical
Evaluating Usual Care in an Evidence-Based Practice Setting Child Clinical
"Family Integrated Transitions" A community based psychosocial intervention for juvenile offenders and their families Child Clinical
Improv­ing Prac­tice in Community-based Set­tings: A Ran­dom­ized Trial of Super­vi­sion Strate­gies (R01) Child Clinical
Infant Brain Imaging Study Child Clinical
Policy changes for Evidence-Based Children's Mental Health Child Clinical
Self Regulation, Stress, and Risk Behaviors Project Child Clinical
Self-Regulation, Coping, and Stress Child Clinical
Stress and Development Child Clinical
Twin Brain and Behavior Study Child Clinical
Cognition Lab Looking for Computer-Proficient Student Cognition and Perception
Effects of Attention in Marketing and Video Games Cognition and Perception
Human Color Vision Cognition and Perception
Implicit and Unconscious Cognition Cognition and Perception
Perception and Memory Cognition and Perception
Perception of Human Action Cognition and Perception
Visual pattern perception Cognition and Perception
Child and Adolescent Learning and Living Study (CALLS) Developmental
Children’s Environmental and Moral Conceptions of Protecting an Endangered Animal Developmental
Contribution of circadian rhythm and maternal entrainment to infant regulation Developmental
Craniofacial Microsomia: Longitudinal Outcomes in Children Pre-Kindergarten (CLOCK) Developmental
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants' Social Cognition Developmental
Developmental Pathways Research Program Developmental
Early Childhood Cognition Lab Developmental
Early Social-Emotional Development Developmental
Growth & Behavioral Development in Macaque Monkeys Developmental
How Humans process Actions--an Event Related Potential (ERP) study Developmental
Infant Social Cognition Developmental
Infant Studies Developmental
Infant Studies Developmental
Joint Visual Attention Lab Developmental
Prejudice in Young Children and Adults Developmental
Prosocial Behavior in Young Children Developmental
Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) Developmental
Social Cognition in Infants and Toddlers Developmental
Studying the Physiology of Attention and Regulation in Children with ASD – The Seattle Children’s SPARCS Study Developmental
Understanding Intellectual Property Developmental
Juvenile Justice Reform and HB 2536 Projects Please Select...
Family Cultural Conflict Social and Personality
I-LABS Research Social and Personality
Individual Variation in Responses to Anti-smoking Messages Social and Personality
Social Identity Lab: Research on Prejudice, Stigma, and the Self Social and Personality
Stereotypes, Identity, and Belonging Lab (SIBL) Social and Personality
Stress and Coping Social and Personality