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Jane Simoni, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Clinical Training

Degree From: University of California Los Angeles

Interests: Global mental health, HIV/AIDS bio-behavioral science, LGBTQ psychology, Latinx and Indigenous health disparities, ehealth interventions


Office Guthrie 323 / Purchasing and Accounting 140T
Phone (206) 685-3291
Website(s) Website


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Am I accepting new graduate students in the upcoming year?
I am POSSIBLY accepting graduate students in 2022-2023, please contact me directly with questions
Advising Areas:
Adult Clinical


My research interests lie primarily in clinical and health psychology within a global health context, including coping and adaptation to chronic illnesses such as HIV. From an anti-racist framework, I am particularly interested in the experience of of individuals from historically oppressed or stigmatized groups and their unique stressors and culturally specific coping processes. Much of my research, therefore, concerns BIPOC individuals, GLBTQ folks, and persons living with HIV. The health disparities and unmet needs in the marginalized communities I study have motivated my efforts to develop and empirically test culturally relevant disease prevention and health promotion interventions. Mentoring BIPOC trainees to lead this work in the future is a critical component of our research enterprise.

My research has included a randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of peer support and two-way pager messaging to enhance antiretroviral medication adherence among a population of HIV+ clinic patients in Seattle.

In Beijing, China, we conducted a nurse-delivered HIV medication adherence intervention for HIV+ outpatients.

On the US-Mexico Border, we adapted an intervention to treat depression as a way to improve medication adherence among HIV+ individuals.

New work in China is exploring how online/nurse-facilitated/peer interventions can address the needs of newly diagnosed HIV-positive persons, including disclosing their HIV status to their children.

In Haiti, we are looking at an electronic medical record alert and a provider intervention to support adherence to HIV medications.

With Susan Graham in the Dept of Global Health, I am looking at the acceptabily of long-acting HIV medications in the U.S. and Kenya.

With Karina Walters from the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute ( in the School of Social Work, we have studied stress and coping among urban two-spirit Native Americans in six cities across the U.S. in a major study that employed both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

I have also collaboratied with IWRI on a cardiovascular disease prevention study at the Tulalip Indian Reservation and a computer-based HIV prevention intervention for Native men who have sex with men.

I am the Directors of the Behavioral Science Core of UW Center for AIDS Research.

Within the Department, I am the Director of Clinical Trainig, provide supervision in our clinic, employing a time-limited interpersonal process approach, and teach the Clinical Issues course.

Selected Publications

  • Pearson, C. R., Walters, K. L., Simoni, J. M., Beltran, R., & Nelson, K. M. (2013). A cautionary tale: risk reduction strategies among urban American Indian/Alaska native men who have sex with men. AIDS Education and Prevention, 25(1), 25–37. [PMID 23387949]
  • Lehavot, K., Molina, Y., & Simoni. J. M. (2012). Childhood trauma, adult sexual assault, and adult gender expression among lesbian and bisexual women. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. doi:10.1007/s11199-012-0171-1
  • Valencia-Garcia, D., Simoni, J. M., Alegría, M., & Takeuchi, D. T. (2012). Social capital, acculturation, and mental health among women of Mexican ancestry. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80(2), 177–185. [PMCID PMC3314148]
  • Starks H., Simoni J. M., Zhao, H., Huang, B., Fredriksen-Goldsen, K., Pearson, C. R., Chen, W.T., Lu, L., & Zhang, F. (2008). Conceptualizing antiretroviral adherence in Beijing, China. AIDS Care, 20, 607-14.
  • Simoni, J. M., Montgomery, A., Marin, E., New, M., Demas, P. A., & Rana, S. (2007) Adherence to antiretroviral therapy for pediatric HIV infection: A qualitative systematic review of current research with recommendations for research and clinical management. Pediatrics, 119, e1371-1383.
  • Simoni, J. M., Pantalone, D. W., Plummer, M. D., & Huang, B. (2007) A randomized controlled trial of a peer support intervention targeting antiretroviral adherence and depressive symptomatology among HIV-positive men and women. Health Psychology, 26, 488-495.
  • Walters, K. L., & Simoni, J. M. (2002). Reconceptualizing Native women_s health: An "indigenist" stress-coping model. American Journal of Public Health, 92, 520-524.

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